New updates and improvements to Actions

  1. Powerful new data visualization widget for your Notion Database

    Last week we released one of the most demanded data visualization widgets for Notion .

    The widget ties into your Notion database and pulls data automatically to give you a beautiful chart/numbers blocks.

    Sample notion template that can be used to create this widget is here. So you can modify this as per your needs.

    Notion Budget templates


    Demo Walkthrough is here.


  2. Feedback Collection Widgets.

    Actions now enables you to collect feedback on your Notion pages. Embed any of our emojis or number feedback widgets in mins.

    You can also do a direct survey with our survey feedback widgets.



  3. New Social Media Widgets

    New Widget

    You can now share all your social media links in using our new widget.

    ✅ Build a custom link for specific social media sites

    ✅ Upload your image.



  4. Google Sign Up and New Premium Widgets .

    New Feature

    ✅ Google Sign up for easy sign up and sign in

    ✅ 20+ premium widgets and more will be added soon

    ✅ Monthly and yearly subscriptions ( helps to keep us alive).

    We would love your feedback to build useful widgets for .Notion.


  5. Copy To Clipboard Widget

    New Widget

    Are you tired of copy-pasting content back and forth between various documents and applications? Try Copy to Clipboard Notion Widget by Actions.

    Efficiency made easy. No need to copy-paste text multiple times, Save your frequently used words in one widget and copy the content with a single click.

    Time is precious, save it with our Copy to Clipboard widget for FREE!!

    Go to Collections Tab to create your New Copy to Clipboard widget.